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Rory Williams Fan Fiction

Hello, Followers of Roranicus Pondicus.

This is where I am posting a list of any Rory Williams fanfiction that I find or that you all have told me about. If you do submit a fanfiction to the collection, please add a link, as I am not great at finding this kind of stuff. A submitted description of any of these fanfictions to go right below the link would also be nice. Crossover fanfics are also accepted.

Anyways, here you go.


- “The Pandorica Seen Through Time” by WhooligAni


- “The Ballad of the Lone Centurion” by Nextian


- “The Lone Centurion” by BiJane

Summary - While Rory guards the Pandorica, he has a brief encounter with Captain Jack Harkness.


- “Whilst you Sleep” by nut-tree

Summary - One morning in the TARDIS, Rory Williams reflects on his life and past.


- “Being Plastic” by Child of Mars

Summary - After the hectic events of the Big Bang, Rory Williams, the Lone Centurion, finds it hard to shake the terrible memories of being plastic, which are beginning to tear him apart. Good thing the Doctor’s there to help him…


- “Starless, Starless Knight” by MuiromeM

Summary - Van Gogh knew more of Amy’s sadness, perhaps, than either she or the Doctor realized. One final gift, for the girl who waited.


- “More Like The Man You Were Made To Be” by inkvoices



If anyone, as the writer of one of these fanfictions or not, has any objection to myself posting one of these links, please tell me.

Thank you.